Spiritual accompaniment

Rabbi Amir, a Reform rabbi, is a certified beit midrash for some of the greatest and most important rabbis in the Jewish world.


The wide variety of Rabbi Amir’s fields of study allows for an approach that rests on spiritual richness and multifaceted creativity, which is expressed in a challenging combination of studies in Jewish science, the science of philosophy, educational sciences alongside anthropology and religious studies.



Amir Wind is a sensitive and attentive Reform rabbi, with many years of experience in spiritual guidance in all circles of life.

Along with joyous ceremonies and family celebrations such as alliances, bar / bat mitzvahs, weddings, Rabbi Amir provides personal guidance and emotional and spiritual support in times of crisis and separation, which alleviates personal and family distress.

Rabbi Amir, having extensive education in a large number of fields, presents to the people the possibilities before them when it comes to planning the important and significant event in their lives, such as,
A birthday celebration for a beloved grandmother or grandfather with content and greetings from the world of Jewish content,
Celebrating and celebrating anniversaries in special decades, a surprise in a ceremony of renewing vows, wearing rings and blessings for the couple,
Celebration and celebration of happy events in the family and prayer stands. Along with the joy, Rabbi Amir provides guidance in times of sadness, crisis, parting and comfort of family members.

Each request for the event receives special attention and careful planning, in order to create and “sew” for each request the “suit that best suits it”, personally sensitive and considerate.

Reform Rabbi Amir Wind combines the foundations of freedom of thought and equality, freedom of expression and creativity, which rests on the worlds of content and respect for thousands of years of Jewish history.

These principles guide Rabbi Amir Wind in his daily work, in his sensitive, loving and humane approach, in his support, as well as in giving his good advice and diligent, dedicated and respectful guidance to each and every person.

This appreciation of Rabbi Amir’s activities is reflected in the wide range of references that Rabbi Amir Wind receives from the entire broad spectrum of the public, from the variety of beliefs, opinions and perceptions of the public who seek and seek spiritual guidance and elect Rabbi Amir Wind.


Creative spiritual accompaniment: marking a festive or unique event, a prayer class and a common spiritual connection. Modern class combining singing, reading and playing.


Spiritual assistance in times of crisis, separation and mourning.