Brit / Hadar Bat Ceremony

The Jewish Life Cycle

Jewish Life Cycle ceremonies concern the various joyous moments in our lives, and the moments of sadness, as well. With great wisdom Judaism has given us customs and practices that accompany us throughout our Jewish Life Cycle.

In his very special, distinctive way, Rabbi Amir Wind will guide you through the wide range of joyous events, or, if necessary through the moments of sadness, when you can call on him for guidance and counseling.

“This came from the Hand of God and was a wonder to us. We will celebrate this day, which the Lord has made.”

Birth is a time of renewal, hope and joy that enriches our world with a new life, a pure soul. The birth of a daughter is accompanied by light, blessing and the joy of life…What about a boy? We haven’t forgotten…!!! “At the age of eight days every male among you shall be circumcised, throughout your generations …”
Rabbi Amir Wind will gladly guide and accompany you through the Brit, side-by-side with a qualified doctor, in charge of the surgical aspect…

Together with the family, we will decide when to hold the ceremony – either at the time of the Brit, or at a later date, in order to separate the emotional, tense time from the family reception, and the baby-naming ceremony…

During the “Glory of the Daughter” ceremony, we will receive the new baby with blessings, the glory of our people, and the joy of the family – a joyous and special ceremony.

The height of the ceremony will be the entry of the baby into the Covenant of the “People of Israel,” which we will conduct with blessings accompanied by readings from the scriptures, modern-day songs…and the naming of the new baby! We will close, as with every Jewish ceremony, with wine, drinking “L’Chaim,” a blessing and with good food…

We can design a ceremony that allows for a wide range of creativity that includes the entire family.

Together, we will design an exciting, amazing, loving Jewish ceremony..
A ceremony emphasizing important family aspects that give expression to the character of the family…
All is done with joy and sensitivity, combined with portions of ancient tradition alongside modern-day works.

I look forward to blessing you, your new-born, and the pure soul that has been added to your family.

I am looking forward to hearing from you and to partake of your joy.

Rabbi Amir

There is more…

Throughout the Life Cycle, we will continue celebrating important occasions together…Or perhaps we’ll surprise our partner…or the family…
A Silver Wedding Anniversary
A Golden Wedding Anniversary
Special Birthdays…50, 60, 70, 80
Of course, you can choose to celebrate any birthday at all…any anniversary or birthday…

Let Us All Rejoice And Be Happy!!

Rabbi Amir Wind

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