• “Amir, a charming rabbi, smiling, explains from the first minute about everything! We asked for an Orthodox ceremony, as we had some difficulties with the rabbinate, and at the end of each Aqaba for good. We got to know Amir, a charming, peaceful, very pleasant man who made us a canopy. Very exciting Orthodox, thank you very much! “

    Tom 2018
  • “Rabbi Amir Wind Patient, tolerant, exciting – a true professional. After email correspondence and phone calls, there is a ceremony exactly according to the requirements and requests we raised. “Reform” ceremony, completely formal. We are happy about our exact choice. We would not change anything in the preparations for the ceremony, in the character, in the style and / or in the ceremony itself. Thank you very much Amir! “

    Amy and Itzik 2018
  • “Amir is pleasant and charming. He accompanied us all the way, explained to us what was needed when we had questions and conducted a traditional ceremony as we wished. Most guests did not notice that there was a difference between the ceremonies (Reform vs. Orthodox) and we both really enjoyed the canopy and ceremony! Highly recommend!”


  • Dear Amir Wind , from the first meeting with you we knew we had found the right rabbi! A pleasant, attentive and welcoming person. You accompanied us all the way, and responded positively to every request and question. The canopy ceremony touched the hearts of many of our guests and us Still receiving compliments for your unique, authentic and sharp style.We would like to thank you for the support training and countless experiences That you gave us the most exciting day of our lives !! We highly recommend you to any couple who believes in equality, reciprocity and love for the person as a person. With lots of love and respect ”

    Rose and Kobe 10.19
  • “Highly recommend Rabbi Amir Wind ! Already after the first meeting we closed it for the wedding !! And everyone really enjoyed !! Really really recommended !! “

    Alex 10.18
  • “Amir Wind is a charming rabbi, attentive and pleasant person, flowed with all our requests, was patient and available for us. Accompanied us calmly and gracefully in the process. The ceremony was as we wanted and asked and we received many compliments from the guests. Highly recommended. Thank you very much Amir!

    Alexandra 9.18
  • “The amazing Rabbi Amir , from the first moment accompanied and guided us with lots of warmth, the bride and great care. We felt we had a back and who to trust. He is professional, reliable and honest and gave us the opportunity to conduct the ceremony exactly as we wanted and imagined. Highly recommended with great warmth and love to anyone who chooses a Reform wedding ceremony!
    Shili 9.19
  • We met with Rabbi Amir Wind From the beginning we knew we had found the right rabbi for our perfect wedding. Open to ideas and further requests and accepts. We really liked that before all the stress you were with us and let us go out to the canopy with good and calm energy. Thank you for being our rabbi. Love Eldad and Siegel♥
    Eldad and Siegel 8.19
  • We are very happy to meet Rabbi Amir Wind ! And very happy that he managed to marry us even though we approached him only a week before the wedding. In a meeting with Amir in a cafe, we met a kind, sensitive and smart person. The conversation with him made us first think of the canopy as something significant and exciting, thanks to Amir’s openness and his desire to create a custom ceremony for us. The ceremony itself: Sunset canopy on the beach, ended a few minutes before Shabbat. Amir made sure that all kinds of technical details that we did not think about would be known in advance, and so everything really went according to our wishes. The ceremony was completely short and egalitarian, at our request. We had a lot of fun at the canopy
    Dana 6.19
  • Wow what an amazing person! From the beginning it was so light and flowing he listened to us and did an exciting and catchy ceremony like what we wanted. The whole conduct was amazing, always available and so nice, patient, and attentive. Really glad we found him. Thank you  ❤
    Karin and Alex 5.19